How does design flock work?

For nonprofits: Start by registering for the site setting up your personal account. Upload your image or logo. List your point of contact for any volunteer who may have questions on a posted project. Provide a link to your organization and a bio. Once you have completed your profile you can start posting projects such as design deliverables (e.g. website, logo, brochure, flyer, financial report, ext). Its a good idea to also post in the forum section to collaborate with designers. You can get the attention of volunteers by making conversation and inviting them to collaborate. There are PM message functions built into the website so that you can send messages to any volunteers listed under contributors in the designers section. Starting a conversation and asking them if they are interested may be the fasted way to get results.

How many project can I submit?

There is no limit to project that you can submit, however be realistic and think about what you can deliver.

 Does design flock have a tool for project planning?

If your a designer: contact the nonprofit and find out there time line. Set benchmarks for having different parts of the project completed by (x) date.

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