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design flock is collaborative web platform for pro bono design services.

Project Description:

Need Pro Bono design services?

Additional Information:

design flock allows nonprofits to sign up, post their projects and invite designers to collaborate on design projects. There are three ways to collaborate on this site. You can search designers in the contributors section and send them a message letting them know you have a project. Another way is to post in the collaborate section of the website. The third way to collaborate is to post your project and wait for designers to contact you. It is necessary to include your organizations contact for the person who will be making the decisions on design deliverables.

Design deliverables (e.g logos,brochures,posters,websites,flyers and other marketing materials) help nonprofits communicate their goals, activities and impact of their mission to potential donors. By having successful communication design, nonprofits are able to gain the trust of donors and build relationships that lead to more successful fundraising. Collaborative web technology enables individual and community advocacy by promoting awareness and social change.