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design flock is collaborative web platform for pro bono design services.
Need Pro Bono design services?
October 14, 2017325 viewsDiversity
Build your portfolio and design for the greater good!
By working with local organizations it can help you land clients while building your brand and network. Another benefit of working locally…
August 17, 2017479 views
Want to contribute to the greater good?
Post your project and invite contributors. design flock is a diverse community of designers from all skill levels. Our goal is to …
August 17, 2017474 viewsCommunity
Collaborate with other designers and community organizations.
design flock is a design collaborative for skilled designers who want to contribute to non-profit agencies and community organizations. Designers collaborate on…
August 8, 20171184 viewsCommunity
Volunteer your Rock Star Skills for the Cause. Sign up today and get started!
Do you want to show off your rock star design skills? Sign up today and join the flock.  You can be a…
August 7, 2017619 viewsCommunity
design flock is a collaborative web platform for nonprofits that need design services.
Sign up today for free and start posting projects. design flock makes it easy for nonprofits to post projects and invite designers…
August 5, 20171001 viewsCommunity
SouthEast Environmental Task Force Needs Volunteers
SETF is an environmental nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the southeast side and south suburbs of Chicago by promoting environmental education, pollution prevention,…
August 20, 20161763 viewsEnvironment
Little Free Library box concept design needed
We are looking for a designer who wants to come up with three unique concepts for a little free library. To learn…
August 14, 2016999 views
Osmosis is looking for Volunteers!
  Osmosis is looking for volunteers to help out with after school programs. If  you have design experience and love being a…
July 1, 20163006 views
Rogers Park Food Co-op needs designs and Task force volunteers!
ABOUT ROGERS PARK FOOD CO-OP Join us in an exciting new project for our neighborhood, the creation of a community owned grocery…
June 9, 20161363 views
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